Your One-Stop Trucking Resource

For more than 60 years, Oregon Trucking Associations(OTA) has provided leadership and support to the trucking industry. In addition, OTA is dedicated to providing safety, compliance and regulatory services for the trucking industry. OTA is the only organization promoting and protecting the interests of the entire Oregon industry before the legislature, administrative agencies and courts. The Association is an authorized provider of both state and county permits. OTA also provides many services, including insurance and trainings, which improve the efficiency of its members' operations. Visit our services page for more information about how OTA can be your one-stop transportation source.

Proven Experience-Key Relationships

Oregon Trucking Associations is here to help you with all of your complex questions on safety and compliance. OTA is also committed to being your voice in to the Oregon legislature you can depend on to influence decision makers on legislation important to your business.

Our Mission

The mission of the Oregon Trucking Association is to advocate for Oregon's trucking industry by positively influencing laws and regulations, promoting public safety, enhancing the industry's image and promoting a healthy business climate while continuing to reduce our impact on the natural environment.